Fierce-Love: A new intimacy.

Fierce-Love is not taking responsibility for someone it is holding them to their own.

It is co-creating not codependence.

Fierce love does not give up your independence and freedom because someone has connected with you.

It does not give up contacts, friends, lovers, or passion to make it more convenient for someone else.

It not only does not insist that anyone we love does any of that, in fact, it deeply insists that they don’t.

It is not an experience of settling down, closing off, or hiding away.

It is bold, passionate, and daring. It pushes and expands.

With typical love the connection starts to become a closing circle. Fierce love pushes to explore and stay on the court of life.

It is inspiration to break out not a resting spot for years.

Fiercely loving pushes for more individuality not less.

It is strong and independent, not small and safe.

Typical love focuses on someone making things safe for me and how, exactly, they are going to show up for me in a way that keeps me feeling safe.

Typical love nurtures insecurities in the name of safety. This only makes these insecurities stronger.

Fierce love is not safe, it is not a cul-de-sac, it is in the stream of life. It is courageous and fearless. It is not focused on the form of the relationship, how much time is spent together, or if they are spending time with someone that is threatening to us. It only focuses on what is pushing growth.

Fierce love focuses on passion and living in the moment. Really, fully, living in now with wild abandon. It does not play small with a primary focus on jobs, furniture, and retirement. It does not give a flying fuck about who is going to be there when I am old. It does not make decisions from “aren’t you afraid of…”

Fierce love is not sexist or superstitious. It is not caught up in expectations or trivial matters like “till death do us” or monogamy. It only moves in what is in the higher path of our loved and does not factor in how that path effects how they show up for us.


It is a commitment to unconditional loving not form.

Fierce love does not ‘should’ all over itself. It is not concerned with “where are we going” It only knows right here, right now.

Everyone of us has an imprint. Something uniquely ours to offer the world. Fierce love is committed to finding that, growing that, and authentically expressing that above all else.

AND Perhaps the most important aspect of it all is that fierce love must start with, resonate from, and move outward from the literal relationship that you have with your self.

Fire requires air, fuel, and spark or it cannot exist. It is a process of physics.

Fierce love resonates from self love, is constantly taking risks, and is courageously authentically expressing itself in the moment and this too is merely a process of physics.

Fierce love does not vilify anyone. Ever. It owns responsibility within.